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Calling UK Investment Firms

This one’s for all the investment firms in cities across the UK who want to encourage and develop talent from low income backgrounds.

In the last 12 months Fairfield Enterprise have discussed career opportunities with >2,000 pupils in person in schools across Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Bristol, Nottingham, Cardiff and London. We are now looking at continuing to scale up our Schools and Colleges Programme into 2024 and beyond.
If you are a local or national firm who wants to support this work through offering local internships, apprenticeships, mentoring and sponsorship then please get in touch.

There is so much work to be done around careers education, employment, financial literacy and encouraging entrepreneurship. Support from Core Sponsors increases the rate with which we can grow the positive impact of promoting opportunities across the UK and on the mix of high calibre talent coming into the industry!

Thanks as always to our Core Sponsors who are all doing incredible work with our candidates: Polus Capital ManagementCevian CapitalMarshall WaceRedwheelPoint72 and Nekton Capital.