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What we do

Our Aim:

  • To assist and inspire ambitious students from low income backgrounds to build successful careers in the finance industry.

Core Programme:

  • Intensive 1-1 career coaching for university students from low income backgrounds.
  • Increase working knowledge of the industry.
  • Identify specific career goals.
  • Provide practical information about relevant sectors and facilitate 1-1 time with senior professionals working in that area.
  • Build soft skills required to gain employment.

Schools and Colleges Programme:

  • Visit >2,000 pupils in schools and colleges across the UK per year.
  • Our presentation covers the breadth of career opportunities that exist in the finance industry.
  • We provide practical steps students can take to progress their career prospects.
  • In 2022/23 we have visited Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, London, Manchester, Nottingham & Sheffield.