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The Steel City! ⚔

We had a good couple of trips to Sheffield recently to visit A Level students at The Sheffield College and do a panel with uni students at the The University of Sheffield. Feels like there is a real buzz round the place – and not just because both their football teams got promoted last month!

A local business leader we met said that >98% of firms in the city are SMEs and that Sheffield is renowned for it’s independent businesses. That is definitely noticeable, with independent shops, businesses and co working offices all over the place.
One local student we met owns a successful clothing firm based in the city and has set up an AI marketing business, all while studying dentistry!

The A Level students were switched on, inquisitive and clearly motivated in their desire to start successful careers. Always good to have the opportunity to talk to them about financial services as a possible option and provide some practical advice on how to move forward.

Thanks Chloe Mathison at University of Sheffield for inviting us and staging a great event and Natalie Jackson at the Sheffield College for allowing us to speak to so many of their students.