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Fairfield Enterprise Charity Football Tour November 2023

Raising Money for Youth Opportunities Across the UK


Fairfield Enterprise are playing 6 football matches in 6 cities against 6 other youth charities throughout November to raise money for young people in low income areas across the UK.

The purpose of these games is for Fairfield to meet the staff and young people at these charities and raise funding to directly support the work being done to increase opportunities in those cities.


In total all the charities taking part in these games provide direct support to over 20,000 young people in low income areas across Britain. The money raised will help everything from providing teaching to young people who are NEET to gain qualifications in Maths and English to providing a place for them to get off the street and use sports facilities and music equipment.

The aim is to raise £50,000 to put directly into continuing to improve opportunities for young people at ground level. All proceeds raised through this event will be split evenly between Fairfield’s Schools Programme and the other 6 charities. Please click on the logos below for more information about what they do.

Our Opponents

2nd November

Empire Fighting Chance: Bristol

8th November

Street League: Birmingham (am)

8th November

Hideout Youth Zone: Manchester (pm)

15th November

Street League: Leeds

23rd November

Foundation of Light: Sunderland

30th November

XLP: London

Mid Tour Update

After the first three games in Bristol, Manchester and Birmingham Team Fairfield are still in one piece. It was amazing to meet the staff at Empire Fighting Chance, Streetleague and Hideout Youthzone and get a chance to do some careers work with the young people there.

So far post match meals have been KFC bargain bucket in Brum, pizza in Manchester and curry in Bristol which have comfortably offset any health benefits of the football…

The ball below was signed and given to us by the Streetleague team, which was a great touch.

Next stop Leeds!